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Massage wrists, forearms & feet with the physician-endorsed RistRoller®, the mini foam roller. From office workers, to yogis, to post-op patients, to runners & beyond, these little rollers are making a big impact!  Check out our most popular RistRoller® & its growing list of 5 STAR REVIEWS.

Pro Tip: Roll Out Your Feet

Watch the FOX 5 segment featuring RistRoller® to find out why you should roll out your feet before a workout.

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Perfection! The Ristroller® is heaven sent for my carpal tunnel syndrome. The size is perfect to carry around in my purse. I've also used it on my forearms and triceps. I've even used it on my forehead when I felt a headache coming on. This roller is a lifesaver!

Jamie L.

I keep my RistRoller® on my desk at work... It's like a mini massage during my work day. What could possibly be better than that?  

Linda R.

After being on my feet at work yesterday, foam rolling the arches, balls and heals of my feet feel amazing. Thank you so much for your contribution to the world with this small yet very effective creation.

YogiThatLifts (Instagram)

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