How to Foam Roll Wrists, Forearms, Hands + Feet

How to Foam Roll Your Forearm & Hand by Dr. Rubina Tahir


Dr. Rubina is a Chiropractor, Author and Host of TheRx on, a show about maximizing your health!  Dr. Rubina writes for Philly/Jersey Man Magazine, where she is known as The Health Referee.  You can catch her "Daily Whistle" health tips on Instagram at @Dr_Rubina.

In this video Dr. Rubina shows how to use the soft roller to alleviate pain by getting rid of knots + tight muscles, by elongating the small muscles on both sides of the forearm, as well as how to foam roll the hand. "When muscles are elongated, there's less pain and there's less chance that you can pinch a nerve + irritate the median nerve, which is associated with carpal tunnel."

In addition to being used for alleviating wrist tension, these rollers are being used by medical professionals for scar tissue (for example, stretching scar tissue for burn patients), contractures in the fingers, trigger finger, and more. If you have a medical condition, or think you may, be sure to seek advice from a medical professional.

RistRoller Demo Video (Wrist) by Amira Sookram of


Foam Rolling for Runners - How to Roll Out Your Calves, Shins, Foot Arches, and Tendons in Top of Foot by Jess Thiefels, Certified Personal Trainer,  of

Techniques for Foam Rolling Your Wrist & Forearm by Washington Park Chiropractic 
(as shared on Instagram)

The roller shown above is the small, firm, black mini foam roller, and @washparkchiro shows how to incorporate the flexion + extension of the wrist while rolling. As always, clear these exercises with your treating specialist. 

How to Foam Roll Your Forearm by Fox Physical Therapy (excerpt from Instagram)

In the above video by @foxphysicaltherapy, a baseball player shows how to add extra pressure when using the black roller to roll out his forearm. 

How To Foam Roll Your Feet - Quick On Air Demo by FIT General Manager Mike Mitchell


The RistRoller® shown in the FOX 5 news segment above is the small black foam roller. Here Mike Mitchell talks about how the foot is the first point of contact + he shows how to find the sore spots + then focus on them by rolling back + forth. 


Roll Out Wrist and Forearm - Demo Video by the RistRoller Crew


The original soft mini foam roller is shown above, being used to roll out both sides of the forearm. View the 2-pack of soft mini foam rollers here.

Using the RistRoller® Mini Foam Roller for Yoga Therapy - Video by Caitlin Parsons of Healers Within Yoga Therapy

Caitlin writes:

"The RistRoller Mini Foam Roller has been a great addition to my practice as both a yogi & yoga instructor. It is the perfect size to be able to bring with me to use at work or on the go. The RistRoller can be used for the top & underside of the forearm, palm & top of the hand, tricep & bicep area. I've also find it extremely beneficial for neck and shoulder area, as it allows the muscles to relax and reduce tension. My favorite part about the RistRoller Mini Foam Roller is using it on the bottom of my feet where the fascia gets really tight and restricted."