Relieve, Relax, Roll it Out

Take that massage to go! Massage your wrists, forearms, and feet with the physician-endorsed, PATENT PENDING RistRoller® — the mini foam roller you can use anywhere, and well... anywhere. Mini foam rolling is an offshoot of traditional foam rolling, which is widely practiced in athletic, rehabilitative, and home settings to improve range of motion, decrease soreness, and relieve pain. The varying diameters and densities of our mini foam rollers allow for more self-myofascial release options than ever before.

The Rist Roller®, a simple foam roller perfectly designed to target the muscles in the forearm can be used on many ailments from sore muscles to carpal tunnel pain. The simple back and forth motion of the Rist Roller® can stimulate sensory input to the forearm and hand, increasing blood flow while targeting and releasing muscular tension and increasing range of motion following surgery.

~Laura Kevlin, Occupational Therapist

Who's Using RistRoller®... and How?