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We're stoked that FIT General Manager, Mike Mitchell showed off how to use our mini black foam roller to roll out sore spots + tension during the FOX 5 San Diego news segment "Kickstart Your Trip to the Gym."


Professional Endorsements

Research Gate - Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science

Acute effect of self-myofascial release using a foam roller on the plantar fascia on hamstring and lumbar spine superficial back line flexibility "Toe Touch test results showed a significant improved, from 17.88 to 13.22 (p<0.05)" This research study used RistRoller® and also stated "this study found that the application of SMR using a foam roller to the plantar fascia could support the concept of increased flexibility of other body parts connected by myofascial meridians such as hamstring and lumbar spine."


"I have found that using the RistRoller® for trigger finger has been an asset to my private practice. It has decreased the length of treatment + also enables the patient to remain pain free long after discharge."  ~William Herro, PT*


Dr. Sunita Shailam* of Sun Health Medical recommends RistRoller® as an "easy carpal tunnel solution."

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"As a Pilates instructor I have many clients with office jobs requiring them to spend long hours in front of their computer using their mouse. This can result to muscle tension on their hand, wrist & forearm. The Rist Roller® has been a great way to release those muscles, by rolling their hand & forearm on it. All my clients that have used the Rist Roller love its great travel size making it easy to take with them to work & use as they need outside their Pilates sessions."  ~Constantina Kottaridis, Pilates Adventure, Sydney Australia

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"My son happened to be home from college when I received my shipment. He got to the box before I did & said 'oh they have something like this at the gym" & started using the Rist Roller® before I did. I told him to get his own...these were mine for work! I've suffered with carpal tunnel after working in offices for years. I keep my Rist Roller® on my desk at work...  & yes coworkers have to ASK to use it! It's like a mini massage during my work day. What could possibly be better than that?! :)"  ~Linda Resta, NY


"I woke up the other day with pain in my left wrist. Sort of like a kink that just wouldn't go away. As I type all day it was crucial that I be able to use my wrist. I was able to use the wrist rollers both the hard & the soft throughout the day & can honestly say it made my wrist feel 100x better! I was able to take a yoga class the next day & have had no repeat issues. As someone that does yoga & types all day it really has been hugely beneficial to me to use the rollers for relief."  ~Shannon D'orsi, CA



"The Mini Black Ristroller® is just what I needed for my plantar fasciitis. It is a perfect size & very firm to roll out that fascia!"  ~Tana Devine, VA


"I work almost exclusively at the computer as a math curriculum writer. Due to those long hours at the keyboard, combined with a history of competing & teaching color guard, my wrists have taken a beating. I frequently struggle with simple tasks like holding a coffee mug or picking up a pen to write. I've noticed that running my wrist over the RistRoller®  for just 5-10 minutes a day makes a big difference. I find relief, enabling me to continue with my daily activities. I would recommend the RistRoller®  to anyone with similar pain."  ~Gina Wilson, VA


"The Rist Roller®  is an exceptional product at a great price. I highly recommend this product if you suffer from wrist or hand discomfort." ~Joe Maiorana, NY


"I use the RistRoller®  when I'm working on my computer. I think it helps to alleviate any wrist pain that may cause carpal tunnel. Thank you."  ~Michael Cappello, NY

"I'd been having pain in my neck and shoulder from sleeping in a weird position. The RistRoller®  was great to use because it allowed me to gently and smoothly rub along my neck without having to "dig in" too hard. I think I actually held it in my armpit at one point, so strange was the source of the pain, & that night I slept with it under my shoulder blade. It was a great help to have something small to work around, & the next day the pain had subsided. I've used it to work out pain in my wrist & forearms, even my calves. You wouldn't think it'd be so effective, but I love it!"  ~Evelyn Sullivan, NY


"My wrists cramped up, so I used the RistRoller®  to massage them. It works well. I also use it when I am doing long jam sessions with my guitar or bass, as my fingering techniques are not very wrist friendly. It seriously does ease the tension in my wrists when I am writing over long periods, playing over long periods, or a rough day in the kitchen (I am a cook)."  ~Harry Felker, FL


"What’s great about this foam roller is you can control the pressure of the massage based on how much you push down while rolling your hand, wrist, and arm over it. I’ve also used it on my feet to help with my plantar fasciitis. I’ve even rolled it over my shoulder to help relieve some tension. The rolling massage feels nice and helps me stretch out and improve circulation. This is definitely a great product to have and would make a good gift too."  ~Julie S.


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