Ginger-Infused Spicy Grapefruit Juice

Achieve grapefruit pluperfection* in five easy steps. You will need: grapefruit juice (we used Trader Joe's Organic Pink Grapefruit Juice), fresh ginger, ground cayenne pepper, and Tajin.

*It's a real word, and it means "beyond perfect." My vocab coach, Val Kilmer taught it to me.  (Okay, fine, he said it in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and it became one of my favorite words ever.)

Step One - Grate Some Ginger

We like to use about 8 big hunks of grated ginger. Our shaker holds about 18.5 ounces. Please keep in mind, that neither measuring perfection nor pluperfection is the goal here. You really can't go wrong. And if you manage to go wrong, we need to hear about it.


Step Two - Pour in the Grapefruit Juice

I am pretty sure you've got this step sans further coaching.


Step Three - Sprinkle in Cayenne Pepper

Go nuts. You'll thank me later. 


Step Four - Prep Your Glass

For fun, class, and extra yum, coat the rim of your glass with Tajin.


Step Five - Pour + Enjoy

Pour your pluperfection into your classy Tajin-rimmed glass and enjoy. Note: our shaker has a filter at top so the hunks of ginger won't pour out... so that's kind of cool. Plot twist: you can add some extra cayenne at this point. But if you get some on your hand like I did in the pic below, don't rub your eyes. 

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