Yay! It's National Employee Wellbeing Month!

At RistRoller®, our philosophy can be summed up as: Feel awesome. Do awesome. And what better time to share some of our thoughts and antics than during National Employee Wellbeing Month?

Onsite Fitness Facilities and Offsite Antics

An onsite fitness facility doesn't have to look like a hotel gym. Maybe it looks like a pull up bar over a doorway... or a room full of balls. Sure I meant giant yoga balls when I wrote that, but not why not go all out with a Chuck E. Cheese style ball pit?

There may be an "exhibit" near you (The Beach DC is shown above), and that would totally be worth a field trip. Or just get outside and be young -- invade a playground or two -- it's free!

If you feel like spending money, then rent some bubble soccer equipment and go to town (well, a field actually... go to a field).

Lunch and Learns and Other Surprise Visitors

You can host lunch and learns and have experts come in to talk about sleep, nutrition, foam rolling, posture, eye strain, and other tips to promote wellness in the office and at home.

Other visitors may be carrying massage chairs for, YES, you guessed it, surprise massages. Sigh, I've have heard that one before, you say, but trust me: Massages never. Get. Old!

For new ideas, try to combine art, play, and socialization in novel ways.

How about having your team get together to decorate mason jars and then create their own juice drink with fresh berries and fruits? (You can try our favorite spicy grapefruit and ginger concoction and let us know what you think.)

Revisit Office Ergonomics

In addition to standard ergonomic keyboards, supportive chairs, monitor platforms, and so forth, consider getting some stand up desks, or better yet, the treadmill desk.

That's an expensive idea, says you. True. But you know what is not very expensive? Why, it's our product, the perfect little "massage-to-go" called RistRoller®.

Coincidentally, it's time for a commercial break:

My home workspace currently involves an annoying keyboard (this came with my iMac in 2010 and I have successfully avoided the need for it until now), lots of microbead action ("pillows" that line the edges of my keyboard and mouse), RistRollers® (of course), hydration (truth be told, I "outsourced" the design on my mason jar), a DESK DOG (so important, and I am fortunate to be able to have one at my "real" office too), and a yoga ball (trying out that active sitting this Employee Wellbeing Month). Also, off to the side I have a book (this one says "Killing It" on the cover, for inspiration), where I keep all the addresses of people we send samples to. Yep! My goal is to be as analog as possible!

Play and De-stress

When I was getting my bachelors degree, I worked at the on-campus preschool. Every morning I would welcome in the kids, one by one, and take them to their little seats at their little desks. In front of them was always a perfect little blob of play dough on a little plate. I would say "Hi Brittany, let me take your coat. Here is your play dough." Can there be a better way to start a day at your desk? No, there can not.

Why not surprise your office with play dough. At their desks. In perfect blobs. On their plates?

I have 100% trust in your Pinteresting ability to track down a recipe to make this stuff on the cheap. Or if your that big spender type, then maybe buy everyone some Sånd Play Sand from Brookstone. (But please, can you distribute it in blobs on little plates? I don't mean to be needy, but that's just the way it's done!)


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