The Brand Created Over WhatsApp - Celebrating 1 Year of eCommerce


With the arrival of October 2015 we are pleased to celebrate the first anniversary of®!

Sure, twelve months of eCommerce is very special; however, the most important thing is that we've created a much-needed and coveted product that has helped people feel better! We continue to get professional endorsements, fan love, and positive customer reviews and stories about how Rist Roller® helps (including ways we never thought of!). Recently, we were contacted by Dr. Rubina Tahir because we inspired a article titled: The Light at the End of Carpal Tunnel.

We did have A LOT to learn along the way, and fondly look back to our humble start over WhatsApp, all of our travels... and some silly stuff too. It makes my life to keep up (or try my best to) with all the compliments on social media. Seriously, there's nothing quite like logging into Instagram after a long day and being flooded with tags and comments about how much this product has helped all of you. Receiving all of the InstaLove is truly one of the best feelings in the Universe, it reinforces our path, and we are truly happy that you all like this product as much as we do. Endless gratitude. <3

So how did this wonderful company roll up into my life and it came to pass that you are reading this post right now? Well, it all started when my daughter Jade left to travel the world with Semester at Sea during the fall of 2014. She was off to study, explore, and take some pics as a Celcius Ambassador. That's exciting right? She got to live on a ship with 600 other students and travel to 14 different countries.

Yes, definitely exciting! So when the girl who last reported that slept in the desert and rode a camel has that I-just-won-a-million-dollars tone of voice, I was stoked to hear the news that followed... Drumroll...

"Mom, I met someone with a foam roller!" 

(Stalked. Jade had stalked someone with a foam roller.)

Having opted to leave behind her standard foam roller in the face of a devastatingly full suitcase, this was the exciting news. Not that she spontaneously joined in on a 10k race in Ireland, or that she inadvertently became the shipboard yoga instructor with a cult following, but that she found a foam roller for her back. 

Foam rollers must be magicalI thought. 

Later, I found myself rolling my wrist over a highlighter on my thigh.  Mini foam rolIers should be a thing!  Half a world away, Jade found herself doing the same thing in Amsterdam — only with a glass bottle. When we connected again (digitally), we talked briefly about making a mini foam roller for wrists, and decided to go for it.

mini foam roller for massaging wrists and feet

With a few simple exchanges over WhatsApp, the stones had been cast and we were to go into business as an unstoppable mother-daughter duo! There was foam, there was testing, there were shipping boo-boos, there was encouragement, lawyers (TM and patent), retail, wholesale, and meeting great people at Yoga for Hope 2015.

All of it was amazing, exhilarating, humbling  — and yes, magical! In addition to all that, it's also been a little silly...


It's been adventurous: We've (by "we" I mean mostly Jade) traveled around with these puppies, hitting up places like NYC, Vegas, San Fran, DC, Chicago, Palau, and Brazil. 

And when we found out we were a "traffic outperformer" we got so excited we had to send a little present off to Shopify...

Of course it seems like just yesterday when my daughter was halfway around the world and we were excitedly planning what we could with the push of a button and poorly translated voice-to-type messages. This first year has flown by and it has been an incredible one. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Here's to rolling with it through another awesome year. 


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