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Your Clients + RistRoller®  = Love at 1st Roll

From acro yogis to xFit beasts, fitness enthusiasts get relief with RistRoller®. Buy at $8.50 (or less) per roller and sell from $14.99. 

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As a trainer I always have my eye out for the latest and greatest exercise equipment, and I have found a new gem with the ristroller. It has been great to get my forearms, bottom of my feet, as well small problem areas around the glutes and hamstrings. Really simple, great product. Thanks!

— Alex S. 

Amazing Product!! 

I am a foam roller addict!!! this is not only perfect for the person on the go, but for those smaller muscles, hard to reach, deeper point of contact you need (for me it is the hip flexor) this gets the job done...I just have to keep it away from my husband who keep steeling it for his feet!! LOL 

— Rachael C.

Love It! 

 This mini foam roller feels so good after a long day of doing yoga and typing. Also feels great on the feet! 

 — Devon Y.

Very Happy with My Wrists

My wrists and forearms feel amazing after using the Small Foam Roller (Firm). I have suffered Bible Bumps and a tight muscle in my forearm when I do Down Dogs in Yoga. This product has helped both. Thank you RistRoller!

— Jamie F.

My wrists are IN LOVEEE! 

With how much arm balancing I do a day, this RistRoller® is a Godsend! My own personal lil masseuse. 

— Jennifer G.

Love! Loving the Ristrollers! 

Can't wait to show them to others.

 — Melissa B.

The Best Wrist Invention Ever! 

This is one incredible invention I am a gym owner and massage therapist and this is what I needed in my life :)

—  Andres C.

My class and I are in Love What amazing inventions for that problem areas. Can't wait to explore some more!

— Stephanie L. (Fitness Professional)

Really Cool Tool!

This is awesome! I won this in an Instagram challenge and the uses are unlimited! I've used it on my wrists, arms, shoulders, feet, thighs, etc. Will be buying as gifts!

— Jane K.

Work Great 

I have several clients with wrist issues and these are perfect for them.

— Jennifer W.

Awesome Buy! 

♡ I love my ristroller! I use it daily before and after my handstand practice! ♡♡♡ Not too soft not too hard. Gives my wrist a real warm up and cool down! ♡♡♡" 

— Ashanaca N.

Don't Leave Home Without It

 I am hosting an Instagram challenge later this month and Rist Roller graciously agreed to be a sponsor in the challenge and even sent me a rist roller to use. I wasn't sure how I would use it but actually it has come in handy. I keep it in the car and use it when I have a cramp immediately after class. It's easily transported and so functional. Rist Roller is an awesome, generous company and the product is bar none. Thank you so much! — Parry Y.

Great product! 

Absolutely love my rist roller. As a weightlifter and sports massage therapist, rist roller has been an amazing solution to my everlasting cramping forearms and tight wrists. When I open my gym, I plan on ordering lots of these! Highly recommended!

— Micheal S.

Fulfills a Real Need 

As a foam roller enthusiast (it’s done wonders for my back), I was excited to see that this mini-sized product existed. I love keeping one on my desk for breaks in between typing and designing and I love using it on my feet when I’m relaxing or doing yoga. This is something that should be integrated into everyone’s body maintenance routine. 

—  Ludell J.


 I LOVE the firm roller. It helps my tendonitis and does wonders for inversions! 

 — Amanda C.


I absolutely love my rist roller. I need more. Me and my kids use on our wrist after gymnastics and workouts. I also am using it after a lot of typing in a day to help with carpal tunnel and oh its wonderful. I am very happy and everyone should have one of these.

— Vonda T.

Must Haves!

I'm in love w/ my ristroller! I use mine each day! I highly recommend for all yogis & athletes. You won't regret this purchase!

— Sandra T.

Fun & Effective

— Annie G.

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