Mini Foam Roller for Runners

Foam Rolling on the Run

Roll out tightness in your feet before and after your run.RistRoller®is small and lightweight, yet durable... a perfect travel companion.

"The RistRoller is great for releasing tension in the muscles and fascia after a long day at work or after a hard run."  

— Carmy, fitness blogger

Recommended Uses

  • Long-distance runners — Just finished a long race/run and the soles of your feet are killing you? The mini roller is the perfect tool to release tension in your feet and help you recover from pounding the pavement. Gently roll the tops of your feet too for additional relief. 

  • Uphill training — Finally relieve your calf soreness from a hill workout. With the mini foam roller, you can get into the hard to reach spots, focusing on smaller muscles around your largest calf muscle, including your Achilles tendon and anterior (front) calf muscles.

Happy Feet!

"A bit of foot rolling sorted out my tight plantar fascia ligaments and overall foot tension. Felt soooo good!"
 — Natalie Marina Zeri CMT, PCD (DONA), CLC

The Mini Black Ristroller® is just what I needed for my plantar fasciitis*. It is a perfect size + very firm to roll out that fascia!

 — Tana Devine

I personally like using the RistRoller® for my sore feet + calves... Just a few minutes with the RistRoller® every few days does amazing things.''

 — Joslyn Pham

Pro Tips: Small Roller. Big Impact.

"As someone who runs a lot, I stretch almost every day. My large foam roller is great for my quads and hamstrings, but the RistRoller® helps me reach every little muscle in my calves, shins and feet."   

— Jessica Theifels,

FOX 5:
Quick on Air Demo

Mike Mitchell of the award winning downtown San Diego's FIT Athletic Club, demonstrates how to roll out your feet with RistRoller®, explaining that your feet are the first point of contact in aerobic exercise and he recommends pre-workout foam rolling.