Mini Foam Roller for Runners

Foam Rolling on the Run

Roll out tightness in your feet before and after your run.RistRoller®is small and lightweight, yet durable... a perfect travel companion.

"The RistRoller is great for releasing tension in the muscles and fascia after a long day at work or after a hard run."  

— Carmy, fitness blogger

Recommended Uses

Happy Feet!

"A bit of foot rolling sorted out my tight plantar fascia ligaments and overall foot tension. Felt soooo good!"

 — Natalie Marina Zeri CMT, PCD (DONA), CLC

The Mini Black Ristroller® is just what I needed for my plantar fasciitis. It is a perfect size + very firm to roll out that fascia!

 — Tana Devine

I personally like using the RistRoller® for my sore feet + calves... Just a few minutes with the RistRoller® every few days does amazing things.''

 — Joslyn Pham

Pro Tips: Small Roller. Big Impact.

"As someone who runs a lot, I stretch almost every day. My large foam roller is great for my quads and hamstrings, but the RistRoller® helps me reach every little muscle in my calves, shins and feet."   

— Jessica Theifels,

FOX 5:
Quick on Air Demo

Mike Mitchell of the award winning downtown San Diego's FIT Athletic Club, demonstrates how to roll out your feet with RistRoller®, explaining that your feet are the first point of contact in aerobic exercise and he recommends pre-workout foam rolling.