Mini Foam Rollers with Your Logo

Looking to sell a new selfcare tool that is simple, effective, and coveted? RistRoller® will help your clients relax and rejuvenate with a mini massage... on the go and or at work. Sell cross-branded RistRollers® at your location. Contact us for more info!

RistRoller® + Your Brand = Happy Clients

RistRollers® can be used throughout the day to offer relief to tight wrists, forearms, and feet through gentle rolling. Find out more about this well-received selfcare tool!

Show Off Your True Colors

Color options for customized RistRollers® include: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, peach, light blue, gray, and black.  Standard (non-customized) RistRollers® come in black and green. Availability depends on the size of your order. Contact us for more info or to request a professional sample!


Helpful product for smaller muscle groups such as the forearm, hands, feet, and muscles along the elbow. I am a chiropractor and have recommended this product to people who have muscle and joint pain from repetitive stresses such as computer work, bar tending, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, and carpal tunnel type issues. Using the RistRoller on a daily basis is helpful.

— Paul P, Chiropractor


Love this Product 

What a great idea! Feels so good and totally releases my stress in my forearms! Can not recommend enough!

— Theresa P.


Fulfills a Real Need 

 As a foam roller enthusiast (it’s done wonders for my back), I was excited to see that this mini-sized product existed. I love keeping one on my desk for breaks in between typing and designing and I love using it on my feet when I’m relaxing or doing yoga. This is something that should be integrated into everyone’s body maintenance routine. 

 — Ludell J.


The simple back and forth motion of the RistRoller ® can stimulate sensory input to the forearm and hand, increasing blood flow, while targeting and releasing muscular tension and increasing range of motion following surgery. This device has enabled many of my patients to continue outpatient therapy in their own homes.

— Laura K., OT


Works great for both my feet and hands.

— Malika J.


Great Idea! 

I love it! Fits easily into my bag that I take to work. I just use it against the desk throughout the day and on my leg (two for one tissue massage). Anyway, I think its a great product.

— Cliff D.


100% Recommend 

 If you are questioning if this product will be of any use to you don't...just buy it. This product is amazing it offers so much relief and you can feel it targeting them tired muscles if you are a therapist or work at a desk based job this handy little roller is just the thing you need!! 

 — Chelsea N.

Love using it for scar massage and sore/painful hands and forearms

— Hoang Tran OT/L, CHT


Dr. Sunita Shailam, MD, of Sun Health Medical recommends RistRoller® as an "easy carpal tunnel solution."


The Ristroller is heaven sent for my carpel tunnel syndrome. The size is perfect to carry around in my purse. I've also used it on my forearms and triceps. I've even used it on my forehead when I felt a headache coming on. This roller is a lifesaver! 

 — Jamie L.


Great product 

 I love everything about this! Compact to keep at your desk or in your purse and feels amazing! 

— Lesley S.



 Helps work out my hands, wrists and forearms at work! 

 — Juliana H.