Relieve, Relax, Roll it Out

Take that massage to go! Massage your wrists, forearms, & feet with the physician-endorsed foam roller, PATENT PENDING RistRoller® — the mini foam roller you can use anywhere, & well... anywhere. Mini foam rolling is an offshoot of traditional foam rolling, which is widely practiced in athletic, rehabilitative, and home settings to improve range of motion, decrease soreness, & relieve pain. 


  I keep my RistRoller® on my desk at work... It's like a mini massage during my work day. What could possibly be better than that?      — Linda Resta, NY

  The RistRoller®, a simple foam roller perfectly designed to target the muscles in the forearm, can be used on many ailments from sore muscles to carpal tunnel pain. The simple back & forth motion of the RistRoller® can stimulate sensory input to the forearm & hand, increasing blood flow while targeting & releasing muscular tension, & increasing range of motion following surgery."      — Laura Kevlin, Occupational Therapist

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