Wrist Injury*

Heavy Scar Tissue*

Tennis Elbow*

Since our start in 2014, we've been receiving positive feedback from health professionals* across many specialties (MD, OT, PT, RN, chiro, sports therapy)* who have been using RistRoller® with their clients for conditions such as:

  • trigger finger / trigger thumb*
  • carpal tunnel syndrome*
  • plantar fasciitis*
  • scar tissue / burns*
  • tennis elbow* & golfer's elbow*
  • torn triceps*
  • distal radial fracture*
  • stroke patients*

Additionally, RistRoller® was used in the study: Acute effect of self-myofascial release using a foam roller on the plantar fascia on hamstring and lumbar spine superficial back line flexibility. Excerpts:  
"Toe Touch test results showed a significant improved, from 17.88 to 13.22 (p<0.05)" This research study used RistRoller® and also stated "this study found that the application of SMR using a foam roller to the plantar fascia could support the concept of increased flexibility of other body parts connected by myofascial meridians such as hamstring and lumbar spine."

Health professionals qualify for deep discounts on our product when ordering in bulk. Contact us for a sample or for more info!

RistRoller® for Trigger Finger & Trigger Thumb

"I have found that using the RistRoller® for trigger finger has been an asset to my private practice. It has decreased the length of treatment and also enables the patient to remain pain free long after discharge."

— William Herro, PT*


Professional Testimonials

"Helpful product for smaller muscle groups such as the forearm, hands, feet, and muscles along the elbow. I am a chiropractor and have recommended this product to people who have muscle and joint pain from repetitive stresses such as computer work, bar tending, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, and carpal tunnel type issues. Using the RistRoller on a daily basis is helpful."

— Paul P, Chiropractor*


Great little foam roller!

 We have a sports recovery facility in Boulder, CO and love trying new equipment for our athletes. We were pleasantly surprised at how effective this tool is! Our climbers and manual laborers love it.

— Darcy J. (Sports Recovery)*


Guitar player/ manual therapist approved! 

As a guitar player and manual therapist, I love these mini/ small rollers! They are easier to balance for rolling forearms and hands! They are firm enough to use on my piriformis and hip flexors! The firm are quite firm, so if sensitive, one may want a lighter firmness, but they work really well for me!

— Amanda C. (Manual Therapist)*




Love it 

I think it's a great addition to any massage therapist tool bag not just for use on their clients but a major component of self-care.

— Brett B. (Massage Therapist)


100% Recommend 

If you are questioning if this product will be of any use to you don't...just buy it. This product is amazing it offers so much relief and you can feel it targeting them tired muscles if you are a therapist or work at a desk based job this handy little roller is just the thing you need!!

— Chelsea N.


Amazing products! 

Thank you for the rollers they're very useful :) MSK Rehabilitation

— Mehrdad S. (Physical Therapist)*

"Love using it for scar massage and sore/painful hands and forearms"

— Hoang Tran OT/L, CHT*

Dr. Sunita Shailam, MD, of Sun Health Medical* recommends RistRoller® as an "easy carpal tunnel solution."

Great Product 

 I loved the small yet effective size of the rist roller. It worked great for getting rid of the "crunchy" muscles and loosening the tightness.We're going to recommend them to our Massage clients at TuscanySkinSpa.com

— Tuscany C. (Massage Therapist)



Myself and the staff at www.chiropractichealthsolutions.co.uk used the sample rist roller and were impressed by its simple, lightweight design and ease of use. Very useful for myofascial release, self-massage, releasing tension, aiding recovery and reducing risk of injury.

— Ruth R (Chiropractor)*


Work Great 

 I have several clients with wrist issues and these are perfect for them.

 — Jennifer W.


User Testimonials

Amazing product! 

Incredible customer service!! I absolutely love the black mini foam roller. It came as if by divine intervention at the perfect time when I was having terribly painful and tight forearms that impacted my ability to use my hands. After using the roller in creative ways for a few weeks, I am pain free and seeing a lot of progress. The customer service for this company is great as well. They're attentive and respond to questions quickly with a personal touch. I've been recommending them and the product to anyone I come across that might find a mini foam roller helpful.

— Steve S. 


Loving it 

 It's the best thing invented! It's such a relief on my wrists/forearms ! Love it. 

 — Denise B. 


Love this Product 

 What a great idea! Feels so good and totally releases my stress in my forearms! Can not recommend enough! 

 — Theresa P.



The Ristroller is heaven sent for my carpel tunnel syndrome. The size is perfect to carry around in my purse. I've also used it on my forearms and triceps. I've even used it on my forehead when I felt a headache coming on. This roller is a lifesaver!

— Jamie L.*




Wonderful product for my Carpal Tunnel 

I have been using my Rist Roller in conjunction with essential oil massages & wearing a wrist brace at night to help manage my Carpal Tunnel. I used to use a spiky ball, which was awkward & wobbly due to the my wrist & forearm being quite petite. Rist Roller has solved that problem! I'm recommending it to everyone :) 

— Christine L.*




I absolutely love my rist roller. I need more. Me and my kids use on our wrist after gymnastics and workouts. I also am using it after a lot of typing in a day to help with carpal tunnel and oh its wonderful. I am very happy and everyone should have one of these. 

 — Vonda T.

Timing, Pricing, and Minimum Order Quantity

For U.S.-customers, we can typically get you our standard RistRollers® within a matter of days, with a minimum order quantity of 48 RistRollers®. For mix & match bulk orders, international orders, or to start with a smaller 1st bulk, order, contact us. We're here to help!

Firm RistRollers® come in black and green.

Extra-soft RistRollers® come in light gray.

Contact us for more info or to request a professional sample!

RistRoller® and the Carpal Tunnel*

In this episode of My New Philly, Dr. Rubina Tahir*  shows how to use the soft RistRoller® to alleviate pain by getting rid of knots and tight muscles in the forearm. She demonstrates how to "roll out" small muscles on both sides of the forearm, as well as how to foam roll the hand. "When muscles are elongated, there's less pain and there's less chance that you can pinch a nerve + irritate the median nerve, which is associated with carpal tunnel."