Be Well at Work

Be Well at Work: Mid-Day Wrist Massage

"Roll out" tightness in your wrists, right at your desk! RistRoller® is small and lightweight, yet durable... perfect for the office and on the go. Traditional "big" foam rollers are great for self-massage and restorative purposes. Now, we've taken foam rolling mini, with our patent pending RistRoller®. Relax and rejuvenate with a mini-massage whenever you need one!

I keep my RistRoller® on my desk at work... It's like a mini massage during my work day. What could possibly be better than that?"

Linda Resta, NY

Well Office: A Perk to Roll With

Need more than one? Are you looking for a workplace wellness gift idea that is simple, effective, and appreciated? RistRoller® will help your team relax and rejuvenate with a mini massage... right at their desks. Need some custom-branded swag? We can do that too! Contact us for more info!

Pro Tips:
Small Roller. Big Impact.

In this episode of My New Philly, Dr. Rubina Tahir shows how to use the soft RistRoller to alleviate pain by getting rid of knots and tight muscles in the forearm. She demonstrates how to "roll out" small muscles on both sides of the forearm, as well as how to foam roll the hand.

"When muscles are elongated, there's less pain and there's less chance that you can pinch a nerve + irritate the median nerve, which is associated with carpal tunnel."

To read about the effects of foam rolling, click here for scientific findings.

Professional Testimonials

"Helpful product for smaller muscle groups such as the forearm, hands, feet, and muscles along the elbow. I am a chiropractor and have recommended this product to people who have muscle and joint pain from repetitive stresses such as computer work, bar tending, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, and carpal tunnel type issues. Using the RistRoller on a daily basis is helpful."

Paul P, Chiropractor

"The simple back and forth motion of the RistRoller® can stimulate sensory input to the forearm and hand, increasing blood flow, while targeting and releasing muscular tension and increasing range of motion following surgery. This device has enabled many of my patients to continue outpatient therapy in their own homes."

Laura Kevlin, OT

"Love using it for scar massage and sore/painful hands and forearms"

Hoang Tran OT/L, CHT


Dr. Sunita Shailam, MD, of Sun Health Medical recommends RistRoller® as an "easy carpal tunnel solution."


From the Office to the Gym... FOX 5's Quick on Air Demo

Mike Mitchell of the award winning downtown San Diego's FIT Athletic Club, demonstrates how to roll out your feet with RistRoller®, explaining that your feet are the first point of contact in aerobic exercise and he recommends some pre-workout foam rolling.

To see other pros demonstrating the RistRoller®, click here for videos.

Close Up:
Firm & Soft RistRollers®

Our twin pack comes with two RistRollers — one soft and one firm. The 2" diameter soft Rist Roller is great for rolling out your hands, wrists, and the top of your foot, whereas the 1.5" diameter black roller is firm and great for wrists + feet, + durable enough to travel with!

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