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2 Pack - Mini Foam Rollers (Extra-Soft & Soft)

2 Pack - Mini Foam Rollers (Extra-Soft & Soft)

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Made in USA

Roll out pain & discomfort with these soft, small foam rollers made especially for wrists, palms, fingers, & forearms. This twin pack comes with a 1.5" diameter mini foam roller & a 2" diameter mini foam roller. Both are approximately 5.75" tall and have some "give" and flexibility to the foam.  

Extra-Soft 1.5" roller — this roller provides gentle comfort, is extra soft, and thus great for hands and fingers. It's extra-soft nature makes it prone to loosing its shape and effectiveness if used under pressure. This is NOT for feet or forearms.

Soft 2" roller — this roller also provides gentle comfort, and can withstand more pressure than the Extra-Soft roller, though should NOT be used under feet. (If you are looking for our Firm mini foam roller, suitable for all body parts including feet, please click here).

Why an Extra-Soft or Soft foam roller? Extra-Soft and Soft foam rollers are great for beginners & otherwise preferred in certain cases because they are mild  these are not the "hurts so good" kind of roller, though you can control the pressure to focus on tight spots in need of working out. They are gentle & effective, but can be damaged by pressure, and thus is NOT recommended for feet or a lot of forearm pressure. (If you are looking for a firm mini foam roller suitable for feet, wrists and more, please click here).

These are great for yogis & other fitness enthusiasts, as well as for people who work on the computer all day. These have also been used for the following conditions (of course, if ordering for yourself, be sure to check with your health professional to make sure it is advisable to foam roll). We have received positive feedback from the medical community for use with:

  • patients with scar tissue & burn patients, particularly great for scar stretching in the palm of the hands
  • comatose patients (to work out the contractures in the fingers and hands)
  • patients with dupuytren's contracture
  • stroke patients
  • patients with Stenosing Tenosynovitis (treatment for trigger finger, trigger thumb)
  • De Quervain's Tenosynovitis (treatment for texting thumb)

Please note: Gray foam roller color may vary.

As seen on My New Philly with Dr. Rubina Tahir:


    Praise & Endorsements

    "I have found that using the RistRollerTM for trigger finger has been an asset to my private practice. It has decreased the length of treatment and also enables the patient to remain pain free long after discharge."  ~William Herro, PT

    Dr. Sunita Shailam of Sun Health Medical recommends RistRoller as an "easy carpal tunnel solution."

      I work almost exclusively at the computer as a math curriculum writer.  Due to those long hours at the keyboard, combined with a history of competing and teaching color guard, my wrists have taken a beating.  I frequently struggle with simple tasks like holding a coffee mug or picking up a pen to write.  I've noticed that running my wrist over the RistRoller for just 5-10 minutes a day makes a big difference.  I find relief, enabling me to continue with my daily activities.  I would recommend the RistRoller to anyone with similar pain.   ~Gina Wilson, VA

      The Rist Roller is an exceptional product at a great price. I highly recommend this product if you suffer from wrist or hand discomfort.   ~Joe Maiorana, NY

      My wrists cramped up, so I used the RistRoller to massage them. It works well. I also use it when I am doing long jam sessions with my guitar or bass, as my fingering techniques are not very wrist friendly. It seriously it does ease the tension in my wrists when I am writing over long periods, playing over long periods, or a rough day in the kitchen (I am a cook).  ~Harry Felker, FL
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