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Twinsie Pack - Mini Foam Rollers with 1.5

Twinsie Pack - Mini Foam Rollers with 1.5" Diameter (Extra-Soft & Firm)

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Twinsies! This 2 Pack comes with two 1.5" diameter rollers - one Extra-Soft and one Firm. The Extra-Soft Rist Roller is great for gently rolling out palms, fingers, and wrists. The Extra-Soft mini foam roller is suitable for providing gentle comfort under minimal pressure. This roller will lose shape and effectiveness when rolling with more pressure and is NOT recommended for using under feet or forearms (or other high-pressure uses).

The Firm, black roller is more durable and can withstand more pressure, and thus is great for forearms and feet, as well as other body parts.

If you are interested in bulk orders of these mini foam rollers or international orders, please contact us!