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3 Pack - Mini Foam Rollers (Extra-Soft, Soft, & Firm)

3 Pack - Mini Foam Rollers (Extra-Soft, Soft, & Firm)

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Think you may need to mix things up a bit? Enjoy the versatility this set has to offer when rolling out muscle soreness. This 3 Pack comes with an Extra-Soft roller, Soft roller, and our popular Firm black roller (1.5" diameter).

The Extra-Soft mini foam rollers (1.5") are perfect for gentle stimulation of delicate tissue, like the back of the hand, fingers, and palms. Their softness makes them prone to give out under pressure, and thus should NOT be used under forearms or feet, or under too much pressure. 

The Soft mini wrist rollers (2") are great for massaging wrists, fingers, palms, and forearms. Though these are not as soft as the Extra-Soft rollers, avoid too much pressure (these should not be used under feet, for example).

The Firm, black roller is the most durable, and is great for foam rolling feet, wrists, forearms, fingers, hand, and more. These can be tossed in your bag and taken on the go.

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