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48 Extra-Soft RistRollers (Wholesale Mini Foam Rollers)

48 Extra-Soft RistRollers (Wholesale Mini Foam Rollers)

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Made in the USA

Wholesale order of small, Extra-Soft foam rollers, especially suited for the following medical conditions involving the fingers, palms, and hands:
  • stenosing tenosynovitis
  • scar tissue, burn scars
  • contractures in the fingers and hands
  • stroke patients

Purchase at $1.77 per mini foam roller and resell these soft, small foam rollers at $6.99.

For different quantities and/or different shipping destinations, please contact us!

Please note that due to their Extra-Soft nature, these rollers are NOT suitable for large amounts of pressure. They will lose shape and effectiveness if used under feet or under a large amount of forearm pressure.

"I have found that using the RistRollerTM for trigger finger [...] has decreased the length of treatment and also enables the patient to remain pain free long after discharge."  ~William Herro, PT

"... it was helping stretch the webbing from the burn scars [...] great for scar stretching in the palm of the hands." ~ Paula B, RN


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