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Extra Firm Cork RistRoller® 3-Pack

Extra Firm Cork RistRoller® 3-Pack

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When we say "extra firm," we mean that these are really hard and don't really "give" under pressure. (If you would like a foam roller with a "squish" to them, then you should check out our foam options.) 

This RistRoller® is great for feet, hand pads, and larger arm muscles. Please inspect your cork RistRoller® for smoothness prior to each use. In rare cases, brittle cork might protrude at the surface (this can be removed). 

Approximately 1.4" diameter and 5.5" tall.

NOTE: It's best to clean your RistRoller® regularly, including when it arrives. Use mild soap and water or baby wipes of your choosing. For the cork variety you can also use a mix  of water, mild dish soap and white vinegar.  


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